We have organised two lovely free events for you to come along and find out a bit more about your favourite beverages. Their aim is to be informal but hopefully informative with time for tasting and chatting and then even some special discounts for buying some pressies on the night...

Tea Tasting Evening

5:30pm, Monday 5 December 

Our friends from Anteaques (Edinburgh) have supplied us with teas for many years. They run a lovely traditional tea shop and antiques store on Clerk Street in Edinburgh which is a must-visit destination for any tea lover. Their range of teas is massive and their knowledge impressive. Join them for an evening of tasting, brewing tips and finding out more about your favourite teas. 

Coffee Tasting Evening

5:30pm, Monday 21 December 

Come along to our first public cupping. Try our different coffees and learn more about the journey they take from origin to cup. Find out more about the roasting process too!