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Christmas 3-Month Gift Subscription


The best Christmas present for any Steampunk Coffee 'enthusiast'! Three different coffees (over three months) starting with our very special selection for Christmas Coffee and an exclusive pair of Steampunk branded socks!

I know we are biased but we think coffee is the best Christmas present you can give! It is useful (and can power you through those family holiday times) but it is also a delicious treat that can brighten every morning! Giving a gift subscription means that this joy can be eeked out for three whole months of dark and dreary winter mornings and by the time the subscription runs out we will all be heading into the spring and the winter will be mostly behind us. 

The subscription will start with our very special Christmas coffee - a Colombian Gesha grown by Aristobulo Rayo Mendez. This is a coffee unlike any other Steampunk has roasted. It’s a remarkable varietal that tastes incredibly floral and distinctly fruity. When it first became popular there was very little available on the market, making it very expensive. In the last few years coffee plants that were seedlings at that time have begun producing fruit so the price has come down, but the coffee is still a showstopper.

How then could we improve on a Christmas Gift Subscription that starts with a Gesha??How about with that other classic of holiday gift giving - the sock!

This being Steampunk, not any old sock will do. So we have paired up (see what I did there?) with a company that we think is pretty cool and who have a great mission behind them. Stand4Socks donate one pair of socks to those experiencing homelessness for every pair sold. They are also a registered B Corp. We decided we had to get our socks made by them! We got our friend Alexander Naughton to come up with a design and this is the result...we hope they will be a great addition to your Christmas gift giving. 

Product Information:

The deadline for ordering the Christmas Gift Subscription is Monday 18th December.

The first shipment will be shipped on 19th December to arrive just before Christmas and will include: 

  • 250g of our specially selected Christmas Coffee (a Colombian Gesha grown by Aristobulo Rayo Mendez) with a card sharing information about its provenance and tasting notes. See below for further coffee information. 
  • a pair of our *brand new* exclusive Steampunk socks made by Stand4Socks
  • a gift card to include your personal message - please let us know what you would like it to say in the notes.

(Due to the packaging and coffee tin, our first instalment of gift coffee will not fit through the letterbox.)

The second and third shipments will be shipped on 22 January and 19 February and will consist of 250g of a different coffee each month. They will arrive packaged in our fully recyclable plastic pouches which are flat and will fit through the recipient's letterbox. 

Our gift subscription showcases our seasonal selection and the newly in fresh-crop coffees we're excited about here in the roastery. We source small lots of coffee from Africa, South America and Central America and our coffees span the full range of flavour profiles from sweet and delicate to fruity and floral to nutty and chocolatey. 

More about our Christmas Coffee:

Colombia Geisha grown by Aristobulo Rayo Mendez

Region:  Altos Guayabos, Ortega, Tolima
Altitude: 1,830 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Geisha
Process: washed
Tasting notes: Elegant layers of blueberry, peach and honeysuckle supported by a rich, well structured mouthfeel and balanced by a brown sugar, caramel finish

This is a coffee unlike any other we’ve roasted at Steampunk. It’s a famous variety that tastes remarkably floral and distinctly fruity. Geisha is so delicious that it routinely sells for record breaking prices on the green coffee market. Most recently, in August 2023 a lot sold for $10,005 USD per kilogram at the Best of Panama auction. The lot that we’re roasting was grown in Colombia, and although we didn’t have to win the lottery to get it, it has all the characteristics that make this unique variety so noteworthy. It has elegant acidity and florals and it’s well-structured giving it the rich, bold quality we love in Colombian coffees. Roasting a Geisha is another first for Steampunk as we push ourselves to be constantly improving and roasting the best coffee we can find.

If you wish to order a gift subscription that is not for Christmas you can order that HERE.



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