Colombia Flor Penna Microlot


Farm: Villa Hermosa
Region: Inzá, Cauca
Altitude: 1,750 m.a.s.l.
Variety: red & yellow colombia
Processing: 36 hours fermentation, dried on parabolic beds

This microlot was produced and processed by Flor Penna, a smallholder producer in Inzá, Cauca. The quality of Penna’s coffee is exceptional. It has mind-expanding complexity with flavours of raspberry syrup, juicy tangerine, ripe pear, vanilla, milk chocolate, almond, nougat, coconut, honey, and a long sweet finish. If that sounds a bit like an ice cream sundae, we don’t mind. In fact, in preliminary cuppings this coffee reminded us of a knickerbocker glory—no joke.

Doña Flor is known in her town as a hardworking farmer who manages all the agricultural activities on her land. She does much of the manual work on her own and only occasionally hires neighbours for jobs that require an extra pair of hands, like harvesting. As well as paying close attention to her crop, Flor also has a keen interest in bamboo, producing much of the furniture found in and around the farm.

This coffee was brought to Steampunk by the green coffee importer Mercanta who in turn purchased it from the Colombian coffee exporter Pergamino. It’s the second lot of Colombian coffee we’ve purchased through this chain (the first was called Juanamb

ú, which was the main espresso in our cafe for a few months in 2020). 

Pergamino’s work in the Colombian coffee market is interesting and worth noting. They are roasters and cafe owners in Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia. They buy coffee directly from farmers, and through those partnerships are connecting to other farmers to roast and export their coffee. They work with more than 600 smallholder farmers in four Departments (Cauca, Antioquia, Huila and Nariño).

In the case of Doña Flor’s coffee, Pergamino worked in partnership with the Pillimue family, who are themselves coffee farmers. With funding from Pergamino, the Pillimue family opened a small warehouse and cupping lab in Cauca. They operate as logistics and sourcing partners for Pergamino, connecting them to nearly 150 families in the area. The partnership enables smallholder farmers like Doña Flor to access higher prices by placing coffee on the specialty market.

These partnerships—Doña Flor with the Pillimue family, and the Pillimue family with Pergamino—mean that exceptional, high-value coffee gets sold for higher prices, that farmers get a larger proportion of the profits, and that and there’s more transparency along the whole supply chain. Pergamino ensures that farmers producing specialty quality coffee will get paid, despite market conditions. All coffee that cups at 84+ points will be purchased. The coffees that score 84 and 85 are blended into a municipality and sub-municipality lots (respectively) higher scoring lots (such as this one) may be held aside as microlots to be marketed under the farmer/family’s name.


All of our packaging is 100% plastic free and fully recyclable/compostable. Our plant based cellophane clear bags (and stickers) are home compostable and the box and postcards can go in your paper/cardboard recycling or your compost. 

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