Ethiopia Debeka Farm Microlot


Region: Borena, Oromia 
Altitude: 1,950 m.a.s.l.
Variety: mundo novo
Process: natural
Tasting Notes: blueberry, parma violet, creamy

If you love the Ethiopian Bale Mountain we’ve roasted the last two years, this natural microlot from Debeka Farm is about to become your new fave. It’s a unique experiment: a variety that is native to Brazil, but grown in Ethiopia. Here’s the back story. The importer, Kamba Coffee is part-owned by Bruna Costa, who is from a Brazilian coffee family, and Israel Degfa, who owns Debeka Farm and Kerchanshe Trading, an exporter based in Ethiopia. On his first trip to Brazil, Israel got 2 kg of mundo novo seeds from a friend of Bruna and then germinated and planted them on Debeka Farm. 

“It was like a crazy experiment,” says Bruna. “We didn't know what to expect.” The result was a fantastic surprise to us here at Steampunk when we tasted the samples: an Ethiopian style flavour profile with a Brazilian style mouthfeel. In other words, tons of juicy blueberry and perfumed florals, underpinned by a full, creamy body. We are absolutely loving this coffee iced as either a cold brew or a flashbrew. And it won’t disappear into milk if you want to try it as an iced latte. 

The photo of Israel with his arms outstretched is him showing that they planted the trees in rows as it’s done in Brazil, with 1.5-2 meters distance between them. Brazil and Ethiopia are both countries known for naturally processed coffees. In fact, it’s very uncommon to find a washed Brazilian. But the flavour profiles of coffee from the two countries couldn’t be more different. Generally Brazil is known for mellow, low-acidity coffees often with notes of nut, chocolate, and caramel and velvety mouthfeel. By contrast, Ethiopian coffees are typically full of berry or citrus acidity and complex florals with delicate, sometimes even tea-like body. These distinctions make the collaboration between Bruna and Israel even more intriguing. Is it the terroir or the variety that has more impact on the final flavour? What do you think? 

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