Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g
Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g Presente Do Sol (Brazil) Coffee 250g


Our packaging is now 100% plastic free. We also offer a minimal packaging option (which you can select when you select grind), this will be sent out in the plant based cellophane bag only. Choosing this option saves you 20p and saves the unnecessary use of a box. 


Tasting Notes: Chocolate & Peanut butter
Region: Helidora, Carmo De Minas, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1100-1340 masl
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuai
Process: Natural

This Beneficio has been part of Carmo Coffees since 2014 and is a purchasing and processing centre located in the city of Helidora, at the site of Fazenda Floresta. This processing plant allows the smaller local producers to deliver their cherry to the mill where Carmo can help apply their expertise in processing, as well as use their 'New Flavours' program to create diverse and interesting cup profiles. This allows farmers to receive greater prices for their coffees to then invest back in their farms and their families, looking to the future.
Carmo help support the quality aspect by providing the use of agronomist engineers and technicians to help farmers produce a higher quality cherry. This also reduces the farmers risk with the processing being centralised, limiting outside factors that could spoil the coffee and effect their yearly incomes.
At the Beneficio there is a wet mill, 2 double pulping stations and 9 mechanical driers. In 2015 they worked with 1000 partner farmers, but the plant has the potential to operate with up to 4000 producers in the future. Carmo also take extended care of the environment, making sure they are good stewards of the land they use from Fazenda Floresta, as well as promoting these practices to the farmers they work with. Right now, 40% of the land is designated for Permanent Environmental Preservation.