Guatemala Finca La Esperanza


Region: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1,600 - 1,750 m.a.s.l. 
Variety: bourbon, caturra
Process: washed and dried on patios
Tasting Notes: Sweet orange, chocolate, juicy

If you liked last season’s Guatemala San Antonio, our newest offering from Guatemala is going to knock your wooly winter socks off. The flavours are similar—sweet orange, milk chocolate, hazelnut and almond—but it has even more layers of fruity complexity all rolled into a cup that is remarkably sweet and clean.

Aurelio Villatoro’s father bought Finca La Esperanza in 1953, and he inherited it when his father passed away recently. It’s a 35-hectare farm in Huehuetenango, one of Guatemala’s top coffee-producing regions. Villatoro has competed in the Cup of Excellence competition with coffee from his other farm, Finca Villaure, so it’s no surprise that this coffee is so refined. His careful processing has paid off in this lot, and was even more important than usual for this year’s harvest as there was a shortage of pickers in Huehuetenango at the time of the harvest. Many farmers needed to change their approach to picking because so many people who had picked the coffee in years past had emigrated to the United States. The importer of this coffee, Coffee Bird, tells us that if a farm had 40 pickers previously, for instance, they might have had to rely on just 10 for this harvest. So, sorting the cherries became a key step to maintaining quality. 

This is a classic washed coffee. After being picked and sorted, it was pulped and fermented in tanks for 24-36 hours. Then it was washed to remove the remaining mucilage and spread out to dry on patios for 10-20 days. 

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