Guatemala Finca San Lorenzo


Region: Cobán
Altitude: 1,650-1,800 m.a.s.l. 
Variety: cattura, bourbon
Process: washed

tasting notes: milk chocolate, caramel, dark fruits

This coffee is elegant and clean on the palate with a medium to light body. The flavours are definite dark fruits: bramble, black plum and raisins with chocolate in the finish. It’s got a golden syrup sweetness lacing throughout that makes it very moreish. 

Finca San Lorenzo is in the highlands of Cobán, east of the better known coffee-growing region Huehuetenango. The weather in Cobán is unique, with misty rainfall drenching the rolling hills 9 to 10 months of the year. Known as chipi-chipi, this rain makes for a staggered growing season, but the wet, tropical climate also makes leaf rust—a virulent mould that attacks coffee plants—a constant worry. 

Finca San Lorenzo is one of two farms owned by the Valdez family, who have been growing coffee for three generations. The coffee is picked then transported down the road to be washed and dried at the family’s other farm, Finca San Isobel. The cherries are picked during the day and then sent to the wet mill at 6pm. The coffee is then depulped and hand selected for any imperfections. After this, it arrives at the fermentation tanks and ferments for 18 hours. Once fermentation is complete, the coffee soaks in tanks for another 24 hours before being washed in clean water and spread out to dry on patios or dried in guardiolas (mechanical dryers). Each varietal is picked and kept separate until it’s dried, and only mixed once it’s been cupped and graded.

This coffee comes to us via Coffee Bird, a specialty importer that imports only Guatemalan coffee. Founded by two women from a coffee farming family in Guatemala, the folks at Coffee Bird know all the farmers they buy from personally. Their mission is to connect farmers growing high quality coffee to roasters in the specialty market to build long lasting relationships and support the next generation of coffee growers in Guatemala. We’re excited to be offering another fantastic Guatemalan coffee sourced thoughtfully and produced with care.

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