Lockdown Survival Pack


Here we go again, folks. Lockdown 2.0 is upon us, and this time it’s dark and cold outside. To help you get through we’re offering our Lockdown Survival Pack: four 250g bags of delicious coffee at a discounted price. All the coffees can be used in any home brew method, so feel free to experiment, but here's what we recommend:

Ethiopia Bale Mountain
Tastes like: delicate and complex with jammy forest fruits and floral notes
Shines brightest as a pour-over, but it's also slaying as an espresso in the shop. 

Guatemala Finca Esperanza
Tastes like: sweet orange, juicy body, easy chocolate finish
The sweetness and balance in this one will come through in any brew method but it's fantastically clean and complex as a filter.

Uganda Bukonzo Dream
Tastes like: full bodied, mango, strawberry
Affectionately known as a "juicy banger" this coffee pulls no punches. Try as an aeropress to get your fruit on. 

El Salvador Finca Bonanza
Tastes like: rich body, tablet sweetness, chocolate
This is the comforting cozy blanket of the lot. Brew a cafetiere when you need some good solid coffee to make life a little better. 

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