Peru Herminio Ramirez

Steampunk Coffee Roasters

Tasting Notes: Juicy Plum, Demerara, Syrupy
Region: Las Pirias, Chirnos 
Altitude: 1,850 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Caturra, Mundo Novo
Processing: washed 

This is the third coffee we’ve purchased from the El Cambio (The Change) agronomy project led by Falcon Coffees in Jaén, Northwestern Peru. We’re glad to be able to continue to support the work of Falcon Coffee in Peru.

This lot is a special one. The farmer, Herminio Ramirez, owns just two hectares of land and he picks and processes all his own cherries. He is a young producer with an eye for detail that shows in the quality of his coffee. It’s remarkably sweet and clean, which is due to him picking only very ripe cherries and carefully drying them to preserve the bean’s natural sugars and flavour compounds. This coffee tastes like the sweetest fruit: juicy yellow plum, sweet yellow apple, and golden raisin.



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