Brazil Fazenda Caxambu


Region: Sul de Minas
Altitude: 930 - 1,150 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Arara
Process: natural
Tasting Notes: hazelnut, plummy, creamy

We are excited to welcome back coffee from Fazenda Caxambu. Some of you may remember, this is the coffee that got us through lockdown 2020. Its rich mouthfeel, velvety caramel sweetness and hazelnut on the palate was comforting, familiar, and delicious. This year’s lot has the same syrupy body and delicious sweetness now complimented by a jammy black cherry flavour profile. 

Close followers will notice that the variety of this lot is different to last year’s. Last year it was 100% Rubi, while this year the importer (Mercanta) chose to bring us a lot made up entirely of Arara, a variety we’d never tried before. When I asked about it, they told me, “Arara is a variety which has a winning combination of flavour and resilience, which is something we're keen to support with the future what it is.” 

The Chaves de Brito family has been farming coffee on the rolling hills of Brazil’s Sul de Minas region for over a century. With a mind to increase sustainability, the current generation—Denise, Letícia, Carmem Lucia, Paulo Fernando and Paulo Roberto—are ensuring that Fazenda Caxambu will be producing coffee for another 100 years to come. 

The farm supports a wide array of biodiversity, and one current project in particular is their pollination project. With the help of agricultural startup AgroBee, they’ve installed bee hives around the farm. The bees are a natural way to increase the health and productivity of the coffee plants. According to the Caxambu website, “By using a natural resource to guarantee good productivity and superior quality, we strengthen our commitment to producing food with a deep reverence for the environment”

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