Brazil Fazenda Macaúbas Microlot


Region: Cerrado
Altitude: 950 m.a.s.l.
Variety: mundo novo
Process: natural
Tasting Notes: pineapple, cacao, pecan

There is a particular flavour profile commonly associated with Brazilian coffees: nutty, full bodied, sometimes chocolatey, sometimes sweet, often a bit muddled and earthy. This flavour profile makes Brazilian coffees perfect as the base for espresso blends, and if the quality is good enough, for single origin espressos. But it takes a special coffee from Brazil to make the cut as a featured microlot at Steampunk. This is that coffee. It is clean and fantastically fruity without the funky fermented flavour that some fruity brazils have (and that we sometimes love! Remember Fazenda Mirtilo anyone?). 

Fazenda Macaúbas is owned by Carlos Walter Behrend whose father, Heinz Behrend,  emigrated from Germany in 1936. Heiz worked as a labourer picking coffee before establishing his first farm. Carlos became an agronomist and took over operations at Fazenda Macaúbas in 1990 soon after his father purchased it. Carlos’s son, Rodrigo, carries on the family tradition of coffee production and has initiated investment in quality on the farm. This effort is clear in this microlot, which is remarkably clean and well balanced.

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