Burundi Migoti Hill


Region: Mutambu, Bujumbura
Altitude:  1,720 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Bourbon
Process: natural
Tasting Notes: black cherry, clean complex florals

We are so excited to be roasting this coffee from Burundi for you, which was imported by Omwani who brought you our recent Ugandan Bukonzo Dream. If you loved Bukonzo Dream you will go crazy for Migoti Hill. This is another naturally processed coffee, with all the fruity juiciness you would expect, but it's incredibly clean, showcasing complex florals like violet, and a hard candy sweetness. This coffee is like a more elegant than the Bukonzo Dream (which was our Christmas coffee), and more juicy than the Ethiopian Bale Mountain (which has becoming a cult classic amongst Steampunkians). It's a very pleasant surprise indeed. 

Named after Migoti Hill where the washing station run by the Migoti Coffee Company is situated, this coffee is grown by smallholder farmers on the mountains overlooking Lake Tanganyika. The name Migoti comes from a local indigenous tree. The washing station was built in 2016 in partnership with industry experts who provided technical expertise.  Coffee trees are owned by the community and Migoti purchase the coffee cherries directly from the farmers who harvest and deliver them to the station. Over 300 tonnes of green coffee was produced and exported from Migotio mountain in 2017. 2018 and 2019 coffee seasons. These harvests have received excellent cupping scores, frequently placing it as some of the best specialty coffee coming out of Burundi. 

Burundi is among the smallest coffee producing countries in East Africa, it is endowed with ideal conditions for coffee production with elevations of 1500-2000 masl and abundant rainfall. Approximately 800,000 families cultivate an average of 150 - 200 coffee trees per farm. Arabica, specifically Bourbon varietal represents nearly all of Burundi's coffee production which along with the perfect growing conditions lends Burundi coffees the characteristics 'sweet with bright acidity, big body, floral, citrus, spiced with wild notes'.

Migoti Hill washing station is operated by a local team of ten permanent staff and over 250 temporary workers who are employed during the coffee season from March to June. The station manager Zephyrin Banzubaze is responsible for managing all the staff to share knowledge with coffee farmers, receive and select coffee cherries, process the coffee, oversee the drying process, store and mill the dry parchment coffee and prepare the final green coffee for export. The majority of the temporary staff are women who work mainly on the raised drying tables, regularly turning the coffee as it dries and removing defective beans that compromise the quality. Migoti Coffee Company also assist farmers through ongoing education to prune and properly care for coffee trees, intercrop, plant shade trees, utilise green fertilisers, stabilise soils and natural pest control. The expectation is that by following best farming practices the farmers can increase their yields from coffee trees five to ten fold. 

All of our packaging is 100% plastic free and fully recyclable/compostable. Our plant based cellophane clear bags (and stickers) are home compostable and the box and postcards can go in your paper/cardboard recycling or your compost. 

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