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Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendía

Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendía

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Region:  Acevedo, Huila
Altitude: 1720 m.a.s.l
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: washed

Tasting notes: An elegant, complex coffee. Subtle rose florals weave together with cooked peach, wild blackberry and pink lemonade. Its silky body means you really could sip on this coffee forever.

This coffee was grown by Gabriel Castaño Buendía on his farm La Esmerelda in southern Colombia where the eastern and central Cordillera come together. It was imported by Langdon Coffee Merchants, an importer with whom we’ve just started working. This, in turn, is Langdon’s first year importing Don Gabriel’s coffee. They were able to import his coffee because of their partnership with the exporter Azahar Coffee. 

Azahar Coffee, along with Cropster (a coffee industry software company) have created the Sustainable Coffee Buyer’s Guide, which calculates fair prices for the farmer and farm workers. The software takes into account living wage data and cost of production data for different regions in Colombia and calculates a fair price. There’s four levels in the guide: Poverty, Legal, Living and Prosperous. Azahar paid the Prosperous price for Don Gabriel’s coffee, which means that the price paid was enough for him and his employees to earn a living wage plus 20% for personal savings and farm investments. 

It’s not a coincidence that we chose this particular lot to showcase how fantastic the Pink Bourbon variety can be. According to Langdon, Don Gabriel is a legend in Colombina coffee circles and known colloquially as southern Huila’s Godfather of Pink Bourbon. After having cultivated the variety himself and discovering its remarkable flavour potential he went on to share his knowledge and starters with his peers, many of whom have gone on to sell their own Pink Bourbon lots on the specialty market. Since then the variety has set the specialty coffee world abuzz, being used by two competitors in the 2023 World Barista Championships and elbowing out the Geshas by taking two of the top 10 spots at the 2022 Colombia Cup of Excellence competition.

The origins of Pink Bourbon are murky. It’s thought to have been given the name because of its salmon orange and pink tinged cherries and the fact that it was found growing amongst Bourbon plants. The assumption was that it was a hybrid between Yellow and Red Bourbon. But at least one importer, Cafe Imports, has done genetic testing and concluded that Pink Bourbon isn’t related to the Bourbon variety at all. It’s an Ethiopian landrace variety, which simply means it’s a variety that originally grew wild in Ethiopia. How an Ethiopian coffee plant got cultivated in Colombia only to be noticed for the first time around 2014 is a mystery. But the origin makes sense given the Gesha-like flavour profile for which the variety is known. Wherever it came from, we’re just glad it ended up here, in our mugs in North Berwick, Scotland!

A note about packaging

Our coffee comes packaged in beautiful and hard wearing tins of 250g. It is important to keep those beans away from air and light (see our blog post about coffee storage) and we think tins are the very best way of keeping those guys fresh. If you order the 1kg refill size, the coffee is packaged in a fully recyclable plastic bag, see the link below for full information on the material and recycling.

Tins can of course be easily recycled (with other metals) but the very best and most environmentally conscious thing to do with them is to refill them. Find out how to refill or dispose of your Steampunk packaging HERE.

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