*NEW* Ilomba #19 (Tanzania) Coffee
*NEW* Ilomba #19 (Tanzania) Coffee *NEW* Ilomba #19 (Tanzania) Coffee *NEW* Ilomba #19 (Tanzania) Coffee *NEW* Ilomba #19 (Tanzania) Coffee

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Tasting notes: florals, orange, hint of lime

region: Mbeya, South Western Highlands

altitude: 1850-1900 mail

varietal: bourbon

process: washed

Grown by smallholder farmers on the steep slopes of the South Western highlands region of Mbeya. The area’s high altitude results in harvest delayed compared to other parts of the same region. This results in denser, greater quality beans.

The washing station located in Ilomba Village is a voluntary organization of 24 members aimed at joining forces to improve coffee production and marketing. Formerly working under the patronage of Technoserve, the group now work with the Tembo Coffee Company who have assisted in the renovation of the washing station. They also provide the group with affordable loans for farm improvements, training on washing station management, parchment advances, marketing assistance and milling services. Their cupping laboratory also provide feedback to the farmers enabling improvements in harvesting and post harvesting techniques.

We have selected micro lot Number 19.

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