Kalita Wave Carafe Brewer (185)


We are big fans of the Kalita Wave here at Steampunk. The flat bottom of the cone does not necessitate as careful a pouring technique as with a lot of pour over methods so is great for people newer to brewing coffee this way. As with other pour over brewing methods the Kalita is quick (2-4 minutes) and easy to clean up.

The Kalita Wave Style Set combines the large size Wave Glass Dripper and glass server to make the brewing process simple and elegant. The server perfectly compliments the glass brewer and allows one to clearly view the entire brewing process. 

Brew ratios to start out with are similar to that of a Chemex of 60g of coffee for every 1 litre of water you're using.

Containers 185 dripper glass carafe.

185 size = 500 - 750 ml of final brew

Dishwasher safe: Yes
Weight: 800g

Please note only 1 brewer included, no filters included.

Filter papers are available separately here and for this brewer you require size 185.

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