Kalita Wave Starter Set


This is a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life or a gift to yourself of great coffee. This set has everything you need to get started with the Kalita wave - the most user friendly yet rewarding of pour over methods.

We think the Kalita wave is the best pour over method for simplicity and consistency. If you would like to try being more experimental with coffee at home and want to explore the complexity and variety of your beans then the Kalita is for you. 

Our Gift Set includes everything you need to get started:

- Kalita Wave metal dripper (RRP £28)

- A pack of 100 filters (RRP £8.50)

- A 250g box of one of our delicious seasonal coffees. If you do not have a grinder, please select 'ground' from the options below.

- A quick start brew guide card with a recipe to get you brewing.

The Kalita brewer has a unique filter design that reduces contact between the brewing space and the dripper itself. The average brew time is 3-4 minutes, and can brewed directly over a cup or carafe. This model is the 185 size and makes around 500ml-750 ml of final brew.

Check out our Kalita Wave Brew Guide to see how we make ours.

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