Big Beans - 1 kg of coffee!

£32 £34

Sometimes volume matters! That is why we are offering our main beans recommended for espresso -  Lunji Estate from Tanzania and Fazenda Caxambu from Brazil - in this larger size at a savings over buying multiples of the small packs. 

Lunji Estate tastes like: elderflower, lychee, cola

We are serving this coffee as our complex espresso at the cafe and are loving the sweetness and balanced acidity. This coffee is interesting but also super likeable and easy to drink. Honestly the best of all worlds.

Caxambu tastes like: sweetness of hazelnuts, soft plummy fruit and creamy body

This is the coffee we will be using for our smooth espresso in our cafe this summer with all of our milky drinks - it was very popular last season and we are so excited to be roasting it again for you. It is a classic simple smooth and nutty Brazil but very clean and with a stone fruit sweetness.


Available as whole bean only. 

If variety is the spice of your life, check out our Variety Pack HERE - all four of our current single origin coffees (250g of each), available as beans or ground for £38.

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