Wilfa Uniform - Flat Burr Coffee Grinder


Choose the grind from 41 settings. The Wilfa SVART Uniform will grind your coffee beans from fine espresso to coarse french press. Finally a coffee grinder that will suit all your different brewing equipment at home!

When you purchase a Wilfa Uniform grinder from us we will give you three free months of an Explorer coffee subscription (250g of our monthly coffee shipped FREE to your door per month).

About the Product

  • Coffee grinder

    - 41 settings: from coarse to real espresso

    - 58 mm large flat burr for even grinding 

    - Metal container for less static

    - Automatic stop sensor when coffee beans finished

    - Stainless steel colour

    - 5 year warranty

  • EU Two Pin plug (adaptor provided)

Watch an excellent, honest review of the Wilfa Uniform by James Hoffman here.

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