Recipe for brewing coffee using a Cafe Concetto Fine stainless steel filter

By Mick Gormley   

18g coffee (our current Colombian Paola Trujillo works very well)  

Grind size:  just a little bit coarser than espresso.  On a Baratza Encore this is down at the '0' setting.

Water: 90g / ml at 100C

Brew time: 90s 

Filter: Cafe Concetto 'Fine'



  • Turn Aeropress upside down and remove filter basket
  • Push the piston up until it's half way up the '3' mark
  • Warm the chamber with a little hot water and discard
  • Place Aeropress on top of scales and tare
  • Add 18g ground coffee and tare
  • Start timer on scales or phone / stopwatch
  • Add 90g water at 100C
  • Stir vigorously until there are no clumps of coffee
  • Steep for 90 seconds
  • Place metal filter on top of the brew chamber
  • Screw on the filter basket
  • Remove Aeropress from the scales
  • Carefully place a cup upside down over the filter basket, holding it firmly in place and gripping the opposite end with your other hand.
  • Flip the Aeropress so the cup is now upright on a flat surface and slowly push the piston down, all the way through the 'hiss' at the end
  • Drink

Blinking flip that's good!

There will be some coffee 'fines' in your drink, which to me don't detract in any way, and only really collect as a very fine sediment in the final few millilitres. This might be a bit of a marmite thing, but if they really bother you, you are no longer my friend.