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Based in the beautiful Scottish seaside town of North Berwick, we roast fully traceable and ethically sourced coffees with a focus on quality, sustainability and community and ship worldwide.

We offer free shipping in the UK for orders over £15.

Big Beans: special offer this week!

1kg Coffee

Sometimes you just need a great big bag of beans - especially if you are dialling in espresso. So we offer our top two coffee choices for espresso in a larger size (at a savings). Order 1kg Lunji Estate (Tanzania) for £27 or 1kg Caxambu (Brazil) for £32. We are offering the Lunji at this incredible price this week because it is a less known origin and we really want you to try it. You will fall in love!

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can't decide?

Variety pack £38

Remember those variety packs of cereal from when you were a kid? That way you could have a different cereal each day and didn't need to get stuck with only cornflakes for weeks on end.

Sometimes it is hard to restrict yourself to only one coffee so that's why we have put together a pack of all four of our current delicious single origins (250g each). Our coffees work across all brew methods too - yes you really can have it all.

Our variety pack also offers a savings over buying all coffees individually. The coffees change depending on what we are currently roasting so check product description to see what is in there this week.


Steampunk branded professional

cupping spoon *NEW*

These large heavy weight cupping spoons are made for us in Sheffield by W. Wight and engraved with our logo on the handle and our campervan Mavis in the bowl.

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online event

cup with us

Join us for our next monthly online coffee cupping event. We cup coffee daily at Steampunk to assess quality, profile new roasts and select new coffees. We believe that cupping should not just be available to those in the industry but is actually a great way for coffee enthusiasts to built their knowledge of and appreciation for coffee. Our next hour long zoom cupping will led by our Head Roaster Rachel on 25th April.

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original artwork

Flavours of coffee

This A4 sized print by local designer Michael James Lewis sums up how coffee makes us feel. The SCA flavour wheel aims to be scientific - our flavour wheel is pure emotion!

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