Steampunk was founded in 2012, when we began roasting coffee in our garage and serving it at events from our vintage campervan Mavis. We quickly outgrew this setup and moved into an old warehouse building in the centre of North Berwick where we continue to roast and serve our coffees to this day. We are open daily 9-5, and if you visit you can try three different coffees on our bar alongside some home-baked treats.  We also sell tins of coffee to take home, alongside brewing equipment and merchandise. 

Over the last decade we have become a must-visit destination for coffee lovers from all over. We use our beautiful space to host regular community-focused events too - including music, food and even retro car meetups. When you visit on weekends, you can also visit Orange Moon record shop upstairs for a rummage through new and used vinyl records.

North Berwick has glorious sandy beaches, a High Street crammed with independent shops and some of the finest coffee to fuel your adventures, what more could you need?

Roasting coffee well is a skill but an equally important part of the process is sourcing great coffee to begin with. So, if you visit us at Steampunk you might see us roasting batches of beans on our shiny Diedrich roaster, but that’s just a fraction of what we do. And the sourcing, cupping and roasting is, in turn, just a fraction of the full story of the coffee that eventually gets poured into your cup. The truth is, as roasters we can’t make coffee better than it is when it comes through our door. What we do is respect the work that has already gone into it by roasting it carefully and consistently.

We work with a handful of importers with whom we have developed close relationships over the years, extending to working alongside coffee companies at their washing stations to exchange knowledge and deepen connections as we believe relationships should flow two ways. We often buy from the same farmers and cooperatives year on year and we’re always in conversation with importers, and sometimes even producers, about the coffees we buy.

What sets us apart as a roastery are our buying practices, the seasonality and freshness of our coffee, out skill as roasters and our obsession with quality.


49A Kirk Ports, North Berwick

Open 9 - 5 DAILY for coffee & cakes

Orange Moon Record shop: 10 - 4 SAT & SUN