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Based in the beautiful Scottish seaside town of North Berwick, we roast fully traceable and ethically sourced coffees with a focus on quality, sustainability and community and ship worldwide.

We offer free shipping in the UK for orders over £15.

perfect for the home barista

Lockdown Binge Beans £30

1 kg of delicious Finca Bonanza from El Salvador (at £6 savings) for tasty coffee to get you through however many seasons on Netflix... I mean (ahem) while you WFH.


stay home and experiment

Lockdown survival pack £38

Here we go again. Lockdown. But now we know how to survive ... coffee! Lots of coffee. Here's a pack of all four of our current delicious single origin coffees (250g each) to get you through.


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Aeropress vs. Kalita Wave?

Aeropress vs. Kalita Wave?

If you are just starting to get into different coffee brewing methods you may be trying to decide whether to invest in an Aeropress or a Kalita wav...

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Steampunk coffee: behind the beans