We want to make it as easy as possible to get refills of your favourite coffees and to recycle any packaging you no longer need.

That is why our coffee now comes packaged in beautiful and hard wearing tins. It is important to keep your beans away from air and light (see our blog post about coffee storage) and we think tins are the very best way of keeping those guys fresh. 

Tins can of course be easily recycled (with other metals) but the very best and most environmentally conscious thing to do with them is to refill them.


Here are three easy ways you can refill:

1. In store: if you live locally, pop into our shop in North Berwick and get your tin filled up with any of our current coffees. It doesn't matter if it is the same as what was last in your tin, we will give you a new sticker to let you know what is currently inside. We will also give you £1 off what that coffee would otherwise cost in a new tin.

2. Online: order one of our 1kg refill bags online. Every coffee we sell online is available in this size so if you really really (I mean REALLY) like a particular bean then you can store four tins worth in the fully recyclable plastic kilo bag we ship it to you in. This bag has a zip seal to keep those beans fresh as they wait to top up your tin...

3. Subscribe: choose one of our subscriptions and we will post 250g out to you at a frequency of your choosing in a flat envelope that fits through your letterbox. You can then just pop those beans into your tin for safekeeping.

If you no longer need your tin for coffee, it can also be...

A plant pot?

A pencil holder?

A candle?

Share your tin (full of coffee or repurposed) with us on Instagram tagging us @steampunkcoffee - we love to see them in the wild. 

We want to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible and have worked hard over the years on our packaging as a part of that. We know that it is really important to let you, the user of our products, know how to recycle or dispose of all of our packaging. This area is an absolute minefield and can be so confusing, even to those who are nerdy enough to have written multiple blog posts on the subject*.

Here's the lowdown on how to recycle your Steampunk packaging:

  • Tins - recycle with metals (widely available)
  • Bags (1kg and 250g subscriptions pouches) - #4 (LDPE—Low Density Polyethylene) which can be recycled with carrier bags. These are widely collected at supermarkets and may even be collected by your local council.
  • Shipping boxes and tape - can be recycled with cardboard
  • Shipping peanuts - these are made of non toxic plant starch and dissolve in water - they can be thrown in your compost or go in the bin.


* Want to read more about our packaging journey? Here's our blog posts:

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