Quick Guide

8 cup Cafetiere - 8 Tablespoons of freshly ground coffee, 6 cup Cafetiere - 6 Tablespoons of freshly ground coffee, 4 cup Cafetiere - 4 Tablespoons of freshly ground coffee.

1. Pre-heat the cafetiere with boiling water and empty.
2. Grind the freshly roasted coffee coarsely (to the size of breadcrumbs) and scoop into the cafetiere.
3. Half fill the cafetiere with water just off the boil. Wait 30 seconds to allow the coffee to "bloom", this allows the gasses to escape from the coffee.
4. Add the remaining water. Allow to brew for a further 3 1/2 minutes.
5. Press down plunger and serve immediately. Do not leave the coffee to continue sitting in the cafetiere as this will cause it to become over extracted and bitter.