Variety Pack


Remember those variety packs of cereal from when you were a kid? That way you could have a different cereal each day and didn't need to get stuck with only cornflakes for weeks on end.

Sometimes it is hard to restrict yourself to only one coffee so that's why we have put together a pack of all four of our current delicious single origins (250g each) at a discounted price.

Coffee selection changes as our seasonal coffees change and may not be the same as in the picture - current coffees are listed below. 

All the coffees can be used in any home brew method, so feel free to experiment.

Tanzania Lunji Estate
Tastes like: ripe stone fruits, juicy pears or lychees; a floral/herbal element, like elderflower and camomile and there’s a definite hit of cola flavour. Shines brightest as a pour-over, but will be served as an espresso in the shop. 

Brazil Fazenda Caxambu
Tastes like: hazelnut, plummy, creamy. Try it as espresso in a milky coffee for extra sweetness and creaminess or as a cafetiere for a full bodied cup.

Peru Herminio Ramirez
Tastes like: clean and sweet with a syrupy mouthfeel that lingers long and luscious on the tongue. This is not a particularly fruity coffee—what stands out is its sweetness and creaminess—but there is a touch of sweet pear. If you loved our El Salvador Finca Bonanza, or if you like Brazilian coffees and want to try something a bit more refined, try this one out.

Colombia Flor Penna
Tastes like: mind-expanding complexity with flavours of raspberry syrup, juicy tangerine, ripe pear, vanilla, milk chocolate, almond, nougat, coconut, honey, and a long sweet finish. Brew any which way you prefer!

All of our packaging is 100% plastic free and fully recyclable/compostable. Our plant based cellophane clear bags (and stickers) are home compostable and the box and postcards can go in your paper/cardboard recycling or your compost. 

Read more about our packaging HERE.

Are you storing your coffee correctly? Read more about this important topic HERE.


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