Variety Pack


Sometimes it is hard to restrict yourself to only one coffee so that's why we have put together a pack of all four of our current delicious single origins (250g each) at a discounted price.

Coffee selection changes as our seasonal coffees change and may not be the same as in the picture - current coffees are listed below. 

All the coffees can be used in any home brew method, so feel free to experiment.

Tanzania Ipyana Cooperative (washed)

This coffee has a depth of flavour we love, initially registering as almond and hazelnut laced with vanilla. A wonderful apple-like acidity reveals itself as it cools. 

Guatemala Los Aguacatones (natural)

A super juicy peachy coffee, in our roasts we taste candied pineapple and caramel. 

Burundi Migoti Hill (natural)

Back for a second year running, this coffee from Migoti Hill washing station is wowing us again with its juicy complexity, giant strawberry flavour and clean finish.

Honduras Finca Los Cedros (washed)

This beautiful microlot has layers of complex fruit knit together for a deliciously sweet cup. We taste elderflower, redcurrant and citrus along with vanilla and sweet prunes.

A note about packaging

Our packaging is 100% plastic free - the pouch is fully home compostable and can be either composted in your garden or returned to us here at Steampunk to be composted. The shipping box is fully recyclable and made from a mix of recycled and FSC certified card. You can read more about our packaging journey in this blog post.

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