Variety Pack


Sometimes it is hard to restrict yourself to only one coffee so that's why we have put together a pack of all four of our current delicious single origins (250g each) at a discounted price.

Coffee selection changes as our seasonal coffees change and may not be the same as in the picture - current coffees are listed below. 

All the coffees can be used in any home brew method, so feel free to experiment.

Mexico La Angostura

This coffee has hazelnut and macadamia creaminess along with brown sugar sweetness and a touch of vanilla. The fruit notes are distinctive but soft—sweet orange, peachy and plummy. The resulting mouthful is delightfully balanced and satisfying. Delicious with or without milk

Kenya Karani

Sweet cherry, strawberry and peachy juiciness are punctuated by vibrant redcurrant and rhubarb. There are strong almond notes and it’s so overall sweet that the aroma edges into marzipan territory. A beautiful example of Kenyan specialty coffee at its finest.

Guatemala Finca San Lorenzo

This coffee is elegant and clean on the palate with a medium to light body. The flavours are definite dark fruits: bramble, black plum and raisins with chocolate in the finish.

Colombia Villamaria

This is the first naturally processed Colombian we’ve offered and it’s an excellent example of what’s possible with innovation and investment in quality. In the cup this coffee has all the bold Colombian mouthfeel and structure we love, but with more juicy red fruit and tropical fruit notes. We taste lush strawberry, tangerine, kiwi, and even dried mango.

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