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We love to explore the full delicious spectrum of flavours specialty coffee has to offer, but we also know there’s a time and a place for a mug of something easy and familiar—that’s why we roast our Basecamp Coffee. It’s a single-origin fully traceable coffee, just like our other beans, but the flavour profile is always the same: nutty, chocolatey, mellow, sweet and full bodied. It’ll taste great brewed as a cafetiere or espresso, black or with milk.

If you are new to specialty coffee and lighter roast profiles, then Basecamp is a great place to start your journey.

When you subscribe you can be sure to never run out of great coffee. Get 250g of coffee at a frequency of your choosing. It's easy to skip a delivery or cancel at any time. You can easily manage your subscription right from our website, ensuring you get the coffee you need when you need it.

The coffee you receive on this subscription will change with the coffee harvest seasons, usually switching every six months or so. It's consistent enough to get you out of bed in the morning, with just enough change to keep life interesting.

Our subscriptions come packed in 100% home compostable minimal packaging so that our daily coffee has a smaller environmental footprint. The flat design means it fits through your letterbox too!


We don't grind coffee for rolling subscriptions because we feel strongly that you'll enjoy your coffee more if you grind it fresh. When you sign up you'll receive an email with an offer code for a 20% discount if you order a Baratza Encore grinder on our site. That's a great savings off one of the best home grinders on the market, and better coffee from now on.

Our current Basecamp selection:

Brazil Lázaro Ribeiro
Farm: Fazenda Congonhas 
Region: Cerrado 
Altitude: 950 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: mixed peaberry
Process: natural 

The farm is owned by Lázaro Ribeiro. Initially, coffee cultivation was just a way to diversify his activities, but the love of coffee has taken hold and is now both a passion and a full time commitment. Lazaro is a perfectionist and 70% of his production is focused on specialty coffee. The quality comes from the selection of seedlings, varieties, management, harvesting and post-harvest.

Gustavo Ribeiro, Lazaro's son, has the same passion with a specific focus on processing in the incessant search for excellence. Gustavo explains that his connection to coffee was a combination of consequence and passion, since from a very young age he had contact with the crop.

Kamba coffee, from whom we have sourced this lot, have worked with Lazaro for three years now and have constantly been blown away by the profiles he manages to produce. For this lot they have collected the PB coffees from across Lazaro's specialty production and combined them to create this Cerrado PB.

A note about packaging

Our packaging is 100% plastic free - the pouch is fully home compostable and can be either composted in your garden or returned to us here at Steampunk to be composted.The subscriptions are shipped in Enviroflute envelopes which are lightweight and fully recyclableYou can read more about our packaging journey in this blog post.

Are you storing your coffee correctly? Find out more here



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