We specialise in single origin coffees, offering a rotating selection of seasonal beans which we roast in small batches on our 12Kg Probat roaster.

Like all natural products, regional climate and growing conditions add an exciting array of flavours and textures, and as coffee roasters we want to extract their subtleties and protect their delicate aromas. Our roastery team tailors our roasting style to suit every bean and we aim to offer an interesting range of choices to suit everyone, from chocolate and nut flavours to fruitier and more floral coffees.

We cup all of our roasts to develop and maintain the optimal roast profile for each bean and to ensure the best possible quality control. Whilst coffee has become an everyday staple and the morning caffeine fix is a part of many people's routine, coffee is also an incredibly complex drink. 

Great coffee starts at the origin with the beans we source and how they are grown.

We work with a handful of green sourcing companies that we trust in order to ensure that our coffees are fully traceable and we can pass on full information about their provenance to our customers. Premiums are paid to the farmers based on quality meaning that they ultimately receive a better price for the beans they grow. The trading companies also invest directly in projects in growing communities and work directly with growers and processors to improve quality, benefiting both growing communities and us as coffee drinkers.