We specialise in single origin coffees, offering a rotating selection of seasonal beans which we roast in small batches on our 12Kg Probat roaster.

Our role in the coffee journey begins in our roastery where our committed team tailors our roasting style to suit every bean we source. We raise a degree here, or add a second or two there, to allow the subtle nuances and flavours of the coffees to speak for themselves. Like all natural products, regional climate and growing conditions add an exciting array of flavours and textures, and as coffee roasters we want to extract their subtleties and protect their delicate aromas. Attention to detail coupled with an obsessive pursuit of perfection means we are continually developing and experimenting to bring you the best tasting coffee that we can.

We cup our coffees regularly to work out the optimal roast profile for each bean.

We sample every single batch we roast to ensure that our coffee is the best we can offer. This is vital to maintain our high standard of quality and also allows us to evaluate and assess the flavour of each of our roasts. Then we can discover and unlock those exciting flavours that have travelled half way across the world from inside that coffee bean. Whilst coffee has become an everyday staple and the morning caffeine fix is a part of many people's routine, coffee is also an incredibly complex drink. It has more flavour compounds than wine and part of our role as specialty roasters is to help develop a language for sharing this so that coffee lovers can find exactly which coffees will make their cup sing. Your coffee needs to be worth waking up for!

Great coffee starts at the origin with the beans we source and how they are grown.

Coffee requires a very specific set of growing conditions, needing just right the mix of altitude, rainfall and climate to blossom and fruit. This is a long and labour-intensive process, where each cherry is hand-picked, before being washed, processed and graded, to select only the highest quality green beans. Sourcing these beans is the first and most important stage in the whole production process. It also happens very far away from us and therefore is the area over which we have the least direct control. That is why we work with green coffee merchants Nordic Approach and Falcon Specialty, who are committed to ethical trading practices. They pay premium prices for the coffees they buy, meaning that farmers ultimately receive a better price for the beans they grow. These companies also invest directly in projects in growing communities and work directly with growers and processors to improve quality. This benefits both growing communities and us as coffee drinkers.