Explorer Coffee Subscription

Steampunk Coffee Roasters


Explorer Coffee is a rolling subscription of our full range of single-origin traceable coffees.

When you subscribe you can be sure to never run out of great coffee. Get 250g at a frequency of your choosing. It is easy to pause, skip a delivery or cancel at any time. You can easily manage your subscription right from our website, ensuring you get the coffee you want when you want it.

Explorer Coffees are the newly in fresh-crop coffees we're excited about here in the roastery. We source small lots of coffee from Africa, South America and Central America and our coffees span the full range of flavour profiles from sweet and delicate to fruity and floral to nutty and chocolatey. With Explorer Coffee you will sample them all and get to enjoy the full range of flavour our coffee has to offer. You are sure to find new favourites.

We don't grind coffee for rolling subscriptions because we feel strongly that you'll enjoy your coffee more if you grind it fresh. When you sign up you'll receive an email with an offer code for a 20% discount if you order a Baratza Encore grinder on our site. That's £27 off one of the best home grinders on the market, and better coffee from now on. 

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