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Rhino Compact Hand Grinder

Rhino Compact Hand Grinder

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The Rhino compact hand grinder with AeroPress Adapter is designed specifically to work with your AeroPress Coffee Maker.

Our all-new V4 has some improved features:

Improved outer burr design. No slipping of outer burr. Extremely stable grinding. Beats all other grinders at the same price point and even more expensive grinders.
Improved case connection. 


We designed the grinder totally around the AeroPress. From the perfect size for fitting inside the top chamber of the AeroPress to the adapter that allows you to grind straight into the AeroPress.

Travel, Work, Drink

Whether you use your AeroPress at home, travelling or at work now you can always have a hand coffee grinder with you. This allows you to grind your beans fresh to brew from your AeroPress. then once finished just slide the grinder into the top chamber of the AeroPress.


  • Compact design
  • Comes with AeroPress adapter
  • Great for travel
  • Superior particle size distribution
  • Great Rhino Coffee Gear quality

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