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Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

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The Clever Coffee Dripper is the easiest method we have found to brew coffee with!

It works in a similar way to a French Press but with the added benefit of a paper filter which gives a much cleaner result. The Clever Coffee Dripper has created an easy way to brew without bitterness, acidity or loose grounds. The difference is it's new shut-off valve system. Instead of pushing the grounds to the bottom of the brew carafe the grounds settle naturally.

The new Clever Dripper is made from Eastman Tritan BPA free Plastic. This plastic is the best food grade heat resistant plastic available. Some design upgrades have also been added:

Handle: More ergonomic handle for balanced lifting and holding.

Lid Design: Fits better and has an improved handle.

Base Design: Allows the valve and base to be removed and cleaned.


Brewing Instructions:

The manufacturer recommends putting ground coffee in first and then pouring water over the top but we have gotten better results doing it the other way around! 

Set the paper filter into the brewer.

Add 400ml nearly boiling water and then 26g medium fine ground coffee on top and stir very gently to make sure all grounds are wet. Then let brew for 4 minutes.

Place the Clever Coffee Dripper on top of a carafe and watch as it fills with perfectly brewed coffee in seconds. Lift the brewer off the carafe and the Patented Shut-Off System stops the flow.

Will make about 400ml.

Uses Filtropa Size 4 Papers, sold separately.

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