Basecamp Coffee - 1kg


We love to explore the full delicious spectrum of flavours specialty coffee has to offer, but we also know there’s a time and a place for a mug of something easy and familiar—that’s why we roast our Basecamp Coffee. It’s a single-origin fully traceable coffee, just like our other beans, but the flavour profile is always the same: nutty, chocolatey, mellow, sweet and full bodied. It’ll taste great brewed as a cafetiere or espresso, black or with milk. If you are new to specialty coffee and lighter roast profiles, then Basecamp is a great place to start your journey.

Our Basecamp coffee is only available in the great value 1kg size or as a subscription. If you want little and often you can get our Basecamp Subscription HEREAvailable as whole bean only. 

Our current Basecamp selection:

Farm:  Brazil Fazenda Furnas
Region:  Pedralva, Carmo de Minas
Altitude: 945 - 1,350 masl
Varietal: Acaiá
Process: natural 

Our latest Basecamp Coffee has the hallmark flavour notes we look for in this coffee. It tastes like cashews, almonds and milk chocolate, with a creamy body and brown sugar sweetness. This mellow profile is perfect for a satisfying daily brew (or two). And, if you want a reliably full coffee canister in the mornings, you can sign up for our Basecamp subscription to get beans shipped to you regularly without even having to think about it. 

This coffee is grown by Rinaldo de Castro at his farm Fazenda Furnas in Pedralva City in Carmo de Minas. Rinaldo is from a traditional coffee producing family and a leader in the coffee industry. He and his father bought Fazenda Furnas in 2003 with the aim of improving the coffee through investment in processing infrastructure and farming practices. He was elected president of the local coffee growers association. During his tenure as president he introduced the pulped natural method of processing to many farms in the region and this shift in processing method became a turning point for the local coffee industry. Today Carmo de Minas has a reputation for producing some of the best coffees in Brazil, which is in turn one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world.

If variety is the spice of your life, check out our Variety Pack HERE - all four of our current single origin coffees (250g of each), available as beans or ground for £44.

A note about packaging

This 1kg pack of Basecamp Coffee is packaged in a fully recyclable plastic bag which can be recycled with soft plastics at most supermarkets. The shipping box is fully recyclable with cardboard. 

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