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Basecamp Coffee - 1kg

Basecamp Coffee - 1kg

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We love to explore the full delicious spectrum of flavours specialty coffee has to offer, but we also know there’s a time and a place for a mug of something easy and familiar—that’s why we roast our Basecamp Coffee. It’s a single-origin fully traceable coffee, just like our other beans, but the flavour profile is always the same: nutty, chocolatey, mellow, sweet and full bodied. It’ll taste great brewed as a cafetiere or espresso, black or with milk. If you are new to specialty coffee and lighter roast profiles, then Basecamp is a great place to start your journey.

Our Basecamp coffee is only available in the great value 1kg size or as a subscription. If you want little and often you can get our Basecamp Subscription HEREAvailable as whole bean only. 

Our current Basecamp selection:

Farm:  Brazil Sítio Rocinha
Region:  Pedralva, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1,100 MASL
Varietal: Red Catuaí
Process: natural 

Our latest Basecamp Coffee has the hallmark flavour notes we look for in this coffee. It tastes like cashews, almonds and milk chocolate, with a creamy body and brown sugar sweetness. This mellow profile is perfect for a satisfying daily brew (or two). And, if you want a reliably full coffee canister in the mornings, you can sign up for our Basecamp subscription to get beans shipped to you regularly without even having to think about it. 

Sítio Rocinha is owned and managed by Demétrio Flaviano De Oliveira. The farm was acquired by Demétrio’s father in 1962. The family began cultivating coffee in 1970 and since then they’ve grown the farm and coffee has become their primary source of income.

This is the first coffee we’ve purchased from a new specialty Brazil importer called Unic. Founded in 2021 the company has just four employees, but seems to be growing quickly, probably due in no small part to how excellent their coffee is. It’s hard to be competitive in the Brazilian coffee market because it’s so large. Brazil exports more coffee than any other country in the world, so buyers have a lot of options.

Unic caught our eye with the quality of their offering and the story of their founder, Thalita Masiero. Brazilian by birth, her family has a long-standing connection to agriculture and in 2019 they acquired a farm in Santa Rita do Sapucai, Minas Gerais, situated in the Serra da Mantiqueira region. The farm had a neglected coffee plantation that they decided to revitalise. Through conversations with locals and individuals in the coffee community, Thalita came across a group of women called Enpreendedoras do Cafe who inspired her. She decided to embrace the opportunity to bring coffee to the UK and make a positive impact. “Instead of simply being another trader, I am part of their community,” Thalita tells us.

If variety is the spice of your life, check out our Variety Pack HERE - all four of our current single origin coffees (250g of each), available as beans or ground for £44.

A note about packaging

This 1kg pack of Basecamp Coffee is packaged in a fully recyclable plastic bag which can be recycled with soft plastics at most supermarkets. The shipping box is fully recyclable with cardboard. 

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