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Steampunk Coffee Roasters

Filters for Aeropress Coffee Maker

Filters for Aeropress Coffee Maker

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350 White Micro-Filters for use with our Aeropress Coffee Maker

Make great coffee at home, at work or on the road using an Aeropress along with a Rhinowares Ceramic Burr hand grinder (which fits inside the Aeropress) for a super compact coffee kit when travelling. Press straight into our enamelware camping mug!

There are as many ways to use an Aeropress as there are Aeropress users. Check out our fantastic Aeropress brew guide to see how we make ours.

Aeropress Brew Guide

Ratio: 17g of (ideally freshly) ground coffee to 240ml of water (just off the boil)
1. Rinse the filter with boiling water to remove any paper aftertaste. Pre-heat the Aeropress the same way.
2. Invert the brewer and add 17g of ground coffee. Set your time for 2 and a half minutes.
3. Start your timer and slowly add all of the water in to the brewer.
4. Wait 2 minutes, then replace the filter cap and filter back on to the Aeropress.
5. Carefully flip the Aeropress and place on top of your mug, and push the plunger slowly all the way down, ideally within 30 seconds.
6. Remove the Aeropress and enjoy!


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